Learning about Autumn

In our Naíonra a group of children of between 3-5 years of age come together under the guidance of a stiúrthóir or leader to play and learn through Irish. The Naíonra has two main objectives:

  • To help the children to develop in every way
  • To help the children to acquire Irish or to improve his/her knowledge of Irish by using it as the means of communication.

We use a wide range of activities and games, using sand and water as well as playing with appropriate toys, arts and crafts activities are emphasised, some preliminary work is done in the development of the skills involved in reading, writing and Mathematics. Irish is the only language used by the Stiúrthóir in the organising and discussing these activities with the children.

We hope your  child will acquire an introduction to a  second language in the way they lean’t their first language by listening, understanding, isolating words and structures and eventually producing words, phrases and sentences.

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