Policy on Curriculum


Tir Na nÓg Childcare Centre is committed to developing a negotiated, play curriculum that is based on shared principles and which supports young children learning, development and well-being.


In our service we believe that:

  • Children are competent learners
  • Curriculum starts with children’s interest and strength
  • Curriculum is enriched by diversity and underpinned by equality
  • Curriculum is collaboratively negotiated

Our Curriculum describes all the opportunities, experiences & events whether planned or unplanned that occur within Tir na nÓg Childcare Centre.

Well Being

Making sure the children are healthy and well adapted
within their world.
Within and across the daily curriculum the children can:

  • Experience risk and challenge, mastery and success
  • Feel safe and secure within the physical and effective environment, with people and places.
  • Develop strategies to manage disappointment and build resilience
  • Make choices
  • Have opportunities to rest and play
  • Become aware of others
  • To explore the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour

Exploring & Thinking

Investigating and making sense of the world
Within and across our curriculum we offer the children:

  • Routine that allows time and space for playing, exploring, thinking, reflecting and imagining.
  • An environment that affords learning opportunities across the curriculum
  • A layout/planned environment that supports individual and group play
  • Materials that are interesting and natural
  • Content to think about


How we see and understand the child will influence
what & how we provide for learning within the curriculum.
Within and across our curriculum we:

  • See each child as an individual with rights
  • Understand the child as an individual with rights
  • Appreciate each child as a competent learner with experience that enriches the life of the Tir na nÓg
  • Affirm the child and value his/her culture
  • Support the child to have a sense of belonging through our actions and words
  • Value the child’s contribution to and influence on the life of Tir na nÓg
  • Plan for and assess learning in ways that are authentic and informed by observation

Identity & Belonging

The sharing of thoughts, information and feelings
Within and across our curriculum we support:

  • Warm and responsive interaction
  • Collaboration between children, parents and staff
  • We allow children to express and represent their thoughts, actions and feelings
  • Children to use language to think critically, creatively and imaginatively
  • Language and literacy
  • Individual voices to be heard

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