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Diverse Learning Environments


This is our youngest age group in the setting with children aged between 1-2 years old. 

This class is a small intimate group with only five children in the group and their key educator.

The room is catered to meet the needs and size of the children so they can be active agents in their exploration and discovery of wonderful areas such as the sensory area, home corner, art and craft area and heuristic play boxes.


Our sleep room is attached to the children’s room and is available for use whenever the little ones become tired.



Our next age group is the toddler group aged between 2 and 3 years.


This age group are busy bees as they are learning to explore, investigate and form understandings of all around them in a playful manner.


This group is a group of 12 children with 2 educators who ensure all areas of the children’s needs are met.


Our lucky toddlers also have constant access to their very own garden area too! 


Junior Pre-school

We understand that young children learn through play.  We create a happy and relaxed atmosphere where the children can develop their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

The room is set up in a way to encourage children to make decisions and choose activities for themselves. They are given the opportunity to participate,  investigative science, table top activities, music and imaginative play with a quiet area provided for reading.

At this age, a programme is introduced to teach routine to the children’s day. This will  prepare them for Montessori or Naíonra classes

Senior Pre-school

Our senior preschool classes operate a 1:11 ratio also and this class is typically entered in the child’s final year before starting formal primary school.  In this final year of preschool, we offer three curriculum models; emergent play-based curriculum, an Irish language preschool and a Montessori group. Each of the three classes often implement elements of each method ensuring the best of both worlds and a rounded and holistic approach to our capable learners. 

The children often engage in numeracy, literacy and fine motor skills along with emotional regulation games, social play experiences and most of all…FUN!

Kid Drawing With Colored Pencil

After School

Our afterschool group caters for all school age children from primary schools within the local vicinity. Our Tir na nÓg bus drops and collects children from primary school daily. When children return to Tir na nÓg in the afternoon, we support the children to finish their homework before having lots of fun, games, activities and outdoor time throughout the afternoon. Afterschool children are welcome to come full time throughout primary school holidays.

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