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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the opening hours and holiday closures like?
    Tir na nÓg opens from 8m to 6pm daily, Monday-Friday, 51 weeks of the year, excluding bank holidays. The setting caters for children from 12 months to 12 years old on a sessional (3 hours) or full-time basis. The setting closes for Christmas on the 23rd of December for the period between Christmas and the new year and reopens the first working day in January, excluding bank holidays.
  • What will my child need starting in Tir na nÓg?
    Starting off we ask that you bring: A complete set of change of clothes (hat, vest, top, trousers, socks and underwear) to keep on site here in case it is needed. Sun-cream (factor 50) Wet Gear- Wellie Boots and a Wet Suit as the outdoors is an important part if our curriculum. Nappies/Wipes if required Family Photo for the family wall Completed enrolment forms and documentation.
  • How will my child be supported to transition to crèche/preschool?
    We understand that for many, the transition to preschool/crèche may be their first experience of care outside of the family unit, and so we approach it delicately with ease and care for all involved. Upon securing a place, you will be asked to complete enrolment forms which offer insight into your child’s likes and dislikes which can then be used to ease the transition on the first visit. The settling in period is normally carried out over a week, each day building on the time the child spends in the setting, with and without a parent/guardian. This can be anything from 15 minutes to three hours, but is determined on a case by case basis. We ask that you be on call during this time should you be required, but the transition period is very much building a partnership between us, you and the child to establish a sense of security, belonging and respect.
  • How often will the children be outside?
    The outdoors is a huge part of our ethos here in Tir na nÓg and lies central to our curriculum approach. We are lucky to have numerous garden spaces, both roofed and otherwise, for the children to play in which are viewed as ‘the classroom roofed only by the sky!’ Each ECCE session would spend a minimum of 45 minutes outdoors each day. With our Full Day Care classes spending in excess of 2 hours outdoors each day. ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, but instead perhaps, bad clothing’
  • What do I need to do if my child is ill?
    If your child is ill and unable to attend crèche, we ask that you inform that day of your child’s absence and return to the setting when the child is fully well and able to partake in all aspects of the curriculum, including outdoor play. If your child is on antibiotic, we ask they do not return for 48hours after starting the antibiotic and they are well enough to do so at that point. If your child takes sick during the day in crèche or preschool we will contact the listed people on the enrolment form to inform them. Depending on the child’s complaint, we may request the child be collected as per our infection control policy which you will receive upon enrolment. We do not routinely administer medicine on site, though if a parent is going to be slightly delayed getting here to collect, we will only on your request administer Calpol or Nurofen to control a temperature.
  • My child has an allergy, how will this be managed?
    It is not uncommon for allergies to present in young children and they can be seen in both mild or severe instances. If your child has any sort of allergy or anaphylaxis condition, you need to bring this to our attention before the child starts, to ensure we can offer a safe environment on their first day. The setting at present is a nut-free zone and will adopt procedures and policy where required to meet the needs and ensure the safety of all children. If you child has an allergy: We will need a detailed care plan for your child, and confirmation of the allergy or condition from your GP. The care plan must specify the nature of the condition, the triggers for the allergic reaction/ intolerance, the signs and symptoms to watch for in the child and the GP’s medical advice on treatment. If there is a requirement for a prescribed EpiPen, there must be always one left on site for the child while they are here. It must have the pharmacy label with the child’s name and dosage required. These must be always in date and parents are asked to provide a new one when nearing expiry. Our staff are trained in administering EpiPens.
  • What food will my child need for their day?
    Tir na nÓg does not supply food onsite and so children bring their snacks or meals with them to school each day. Hot meals are logged and refrigerated each morning and heated for the children at mealtimes with fresh water and milk served. Tir na nÓg operates a healthy eating policy, which you will receive on your enrolment pack and which will give plenty of lunchbox ideas and inspiration. Preschool session: A small morning snack is all that is required for the ECCE sessions. Fruit, Vegetable sticks, rice cakes, yoghurt, breadsticks, raisin, cereal bar (no nuts) etc Chocolate, popcorn/crisps, sweets and biscuits or nut containing products are not permitted. Full Day Care: A morning snack A hot meal/ lunch which can be reheated safely and served at midday. An afternoon snack Tea (4pm onwards) All rooms have a small fridge for the children to store their snacks and which promotes independence in their routine also. Snack and mealtimes are seen as a family dining experience where the educator will join the table and engage in conversation, storytelling and reflection of the day.
  • Where will my child sleep?
    Our baby room has a sleep room attached to it with cots. Each child has a their own individual labelled cot, sheets and blankets which are stored and laundered within the setting. For children 2 years or older, children sleep on individual age-appropriate beds in an adjacent room.
  • What will my child do during their day in preschool/crèche?
    Activities offered throughout the setting vary depending on the children’s age and stage of development and their interests and are underpinned by the principles and themes of Aistear (the early years curriculum framework). Our skilled educators are very experienced in identifying children’s needs and interests and use this information to build their curriculum ensuring all areas of their development are fostered and supported. The children through a wide range of activities and projects will be given ample opportunity to engage in arts & crafts, science and STEM activities, music and dance, movement games, numeracy and literacy activities, imagination and role play, messy and sensorial activities to name but a few. The indoor and outdoor environments are intentionally prepared to give children the opportunity to explore and engage in meaningful play. We view the outdoor environment as equally important as the indoor environment.
  • How am I informed about my child’s day?
    We use an app which allows full information to be shared daily with parents. This gives important daily information such as what your child has eaten, if they have slept, nappies that have been changed, activities that they did. There is also the opportunity for your child’s educator to share photos with you of what your child is doing in preschool. Educators also send regular newsletters to parents giving an insight into what the child’s group has planned to do for the week, including songs and stories of the week, any upcoming events or news to be shared. Every month, our educators complete formal written observations about your child accompanied with photos and links to Aistear, the early childhood curriculum framework. These observations outline your child’s current interests and stage of development. These observations are shared with parents every month.
  • Can my school age child attend Tir na nÓg?
    Tir na nÓg offers a school-age service where all school age children can be transported to and from Primary school on our Tir na nÓg bus accompanied by our bus driver and bus escort. The bus leaves Tir na nÓg approximately 8.30am every weekday morning and drops children to the local primary schools. The bus then collects the children at their finish times from primary school and drops the children back to our Afterschool club where children have support to do homework and can engage in fun activities, games and outdoor play. During midterms and summer holidays, school age children are welcome to attend Tir na nÓg full time.
  • What schemes does Tir na nÓg accept?
    Tir na nÓg takes part in the ECCE scheme where every child from 2 years and 8 months old receives state funded preschool for the two years before beginning primary school. To see when your child is eligible for ECCE, check out Tir na nÓg accepts the National Childcare Scheme where every family in Ireland is awarded a subsidy towards childcare costs. For more information, visit
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