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Kathleen Cash Tir na nOg Athy

Kathleen Cash

Managing Director

Kathleen Cash is Managing Director of Tir na nÓg, Early Years Care and Educational Centre, Ltd.

Established in 1996, Kathleen opened Tir na nÓg to cater for children in Athy from twelve months to twelve years old. At the time, she could not find suitable care and early education for her own two young children and decided to open her own preschool.

With her qualifications and background, Tir na nÓg originally was a purely Montessori setting with Kathleen leading the provision of this programme in the classroom.

As the setting has evolved throughout the years, Tir na nÓg now implements a play-based curriculum, a Naíonra environment along with its original Montessori heritage. Tir na nÓg also has an afterschool club.

Kathleen is passionate about giving every child that passes through her doors a quality early childhood experience where they can explore, be curious, learn and reach their full potential. She is actively involved in the Early Years Sector and advocates for young children’s early learning and development.

Kathleen also strives to create a platform for Early Years Educators to engage in best practice and fulfil their potential as educators- which in return benefits the children in their care.

Kathleen’s family have an active role in Tir na nÓg. Kathleen’s husband, Jim, while having his own full-time job outside of the setting, still makes time to ensure the environments are well kept, maintained and even has time to build new equipment and materials.

Lorraine, Kathleen’s daughter, is the setting manager. After being raised within Tir na nÓg and gaining experience with all age groups, she completed her Level 8 in Early Childhood Education in 2014 and Masters in Leadership in Early Childhood Education in 2018.

Kathleen strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone who passes through the doors feel welcome, happy and have a home from home.

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