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Our Fees

Requirements In Relation To Fees

Providers are not required to provide childcare services by the hour. Service options are at the discretion of the childcare provider. The purpose of listing equivalent fees per hour is to facilitate the calculation of childcare subsidies and comparison between service options, and to ensure parents are charged correctly.

The weekly fee charged to a parent must be:
1. The full price per week for the relevant childcare service option before any subsidy is applied.
2. Minus any discounts applied in accordance with the discount policy
3. Minus the subsidy (subsidy-rate multiplied by the number of subsidised hours per week)
4. Plus fee for optional extras from the schedule of optional extras

An online subsidy calculator is available (at www......) to assist parents and providers in making this calculation.

Discounts (e.g. siblings rate, staff rate) may only be applied if they are listed in the discount policy on this chart. A record of all discounts provided must be kept along with receipts, for compliance purposes.

Optional extras may only be charged if they are listed on this chart and are separate and optional charges to what is included in any chosen service option. Optional extras may only be charged if they are not required by Regulations.

Deposits may be required but, in the case of parents awarded an NCS subsidy, are limited to 2 weeks' payment at the co-payment rate. Parents can be charged the full price deposit if the parent does not yet know their co-payment rate (in which case, the difference between the full-price deposit and the deposit based on the co-
payment rate must be returned to the parent on registration/NCS award claim approval).

Fees for different service options must be listed on a weekly basis, but the frequency of billing is at the discretion of the provider.

Providers must issue receipts to parents for all fees paid, and must retain records of all fees paid, including any discounts applied and optional extras charged.

Fees for existing service options may only be changed with a notice period of 20 working days.

For further assistance or if you have any queries/concerns please contact your local City or County Childcare Committee.

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